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Please Send Only all that is gender Garage House, House and Deep House…!!

Detail: Send Demo Policy

We are always looking for new fresh material, (Genre: Garage House, Deep House, and House if you’re a D.J. producer, remixer, vocalist or songwriter, drop us a line and contact our office Demos.
Send a link with online preview streaming and download option (Soundcloud preferred), minimum 192kbps MP3s, to the following email

Please no CDs, tapes or whatever…Only submissions sent to this address can be considered in future. Make sure you offer a full release / more than one track and that your contact details are included. Please allow up to 3 weeks of exclusivity for demos offered to Mikan Records. Mass mailings won’t be checked.

PLEASE NOTE, due to the high volume of demos we receive, we just cannot reply to everyone individually anymore. Every submission following the above guide will be listened to. If there is something we’re interested to sign, we will get in touch with you.

Thanks in advance for your music!